Dear Clete, Jake, and Steve,

We want to express our appreciation for the great job you did on our home remodeling project that was completed in November, 2009. Of course, we were not surprised; you did excellent work for us on a smaller project in 2008, and we knew we wanted to come back to you this year.

The 2009 project was extensive, and our one hundred year old house posed some unique challenges. The project included new windows throughout most of the house, a complete interior re-do of a living room, custom carpentry, and coordination of work done by other contractors for roofing, foundation repair, insulation, electrical, dry-wall, and painting work.

We were impressed during the whole course of the project by the great care you took with our home, and with your willingness to listen carefully to – and respond to – our needs and concerns. You did not hesitate to work with us to accommodate some of the unique aspects of our house. You provided us with much good advice – but you also were happy to work with us on those few instances where we preferred to bend that advice.

In addition to your own excellent carpentry, you were extremely helpful in coordinating the work done by other contractors. You provided what proved to be excellent recommendations for contractors, and ensuring that they accomplished their work in the sequence and time frames needed, resolving any problems that popped up along the way.

Beyond being hard working, efficient, and demonstrating great skill and expertise, you were always a pleasure to have around. You were always courteous, cheerful, friendly, and you always arrived when you said you were going to arrive, and you always did what you said you were going to do.

We think that anyone else who is considering a building project should take note of our excellent experience with you on our two projects, this one and one last year. To that end, we would be pleased to be listed as references or to have our letter shared with prospective clients.


G and JA